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Thundering over the Carrer de Ferran

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Vía A, another Barcelona-idea of Ildefons Cerdà

At the beginning of the second half of the nineteenth century, Barcelona was expanding at incredible speed, until Ildefons Cerdà came up with

See what others don't see

First we head for a historic hill from which you can experience the best view of Barcelona. Then we take a special route to the world famous Park Güell of Gaudi.

View towards the sea

This is the only tour in which a ride with the town bus is included and where we visit a mass tourist attraction. As we have designed this tour in our special way you can be sure that this really will be a unique experience.

Tour details

While you're sitting among downtown folk of Barcelona, the bus passes some of the most famous buildings of Gaudi. Through the former village of Gracia we go to the final bus stop which is called (translated in English): Great Views.

Although we might have great views from here, we find the best view of Barcelona at half a mile walking. At the top of the hill where the first inhabitants of Barcelona once had their settlements, where the Romans had their observation post and where in the civil war the air anti-aircraft guns stood. Only visible signs of the latter are left.

When you are with us at this spot you will have a complete overview and you will also be aware of the essence of Barcelona, with its beautiful, glamorous side and its raw, primitive, unpolished side.

View of Sagrada Familia and Port OlympicView towards Tibidabo - Hotel Florida

Through a narrow path we head to next hill where we end up at the rear side of the world famous Park Güell, designed by Gaudi. We will lead you through this fairy-tale park and explain, when and why this has been created.

We leave the park at the main entrance and walk easily through Gracia, with its cozy small squares. It is here where we optionally can have a drink to finalize the tour. After an subway ride of 5 minutes we end up at our starting point.


The tour starts at 9:30 am. The duration is approx. 3 hours from the starting point at Plaza Catalunya.

Tour difficulty

The trail is very easy and except for the first 10 minutes we will only go downhill. Some easy walking shoes will be sufficient for this tour.

The inner self

During our trip you will have the possibility to have some short breaks in order to have a snack or drink. Nevertheless we recommend to take a small bottle of water with you, especially in the summer months.

Starting point.

We will start at Plaza Catalunya, right in the centre of Barcelona. We will meet up at a small magazine store at the entrance of the big department store "El Corte Ingles". At the end of the trip we will bring you back with the subway to Plaza Catalunya.


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