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Thundering over the Carrer de Ferran

You may not know, but Barcelona has been an occupied city for a long time. The Visigoths, the Moors, the Franks and the French (Napoleon) dominated...Read More

New: by metro to Barcelona airport

Although we love walking and cycling, the way from and to Barcelona’s main airport El Prat is more recommendable by taxi or public transport. Train...Read More

Vía A, another Barcelona-idea of Ildefons Cerdà

At the beginning of the second half of the nineteenth century, Barcelona was expanding at incredible speed, until Ildefons Cerdà came up with

Our walking tours will lead you along spots in and around Barcelona were tourists are a rare specimen.

We are specialized in personalized walking tours, thus giving you the opportunity to get an insight look in the world where the real inhabitants of Barcelona are living. For a big part our walking tours are located outside the busy city centre, there where nature is resisting the advancing city and where you through original stories are lead to the mysterious past of Barcelona.

The starting points of our walking tours can be reached quickly and comfortable by subway or bus. Within 15 minutes from the centre you will be ready to enter a completely different world.

Below you will find a summary of our walking tours. If you want to know more about a specific tour you only will have to click at its title.

  • The balcony of Barcelona. We will visit an authentic palace and we walk through the green hills of Collserola to the highest point of Barcelona. During our trip you will enjoy splendid views and the guide will share the secrets of mysterious places that are now covered by the forest of Collserola.
  • The lost paradise. Less than a century ago the valley of Horta was an oasis amidst of vineyards and fruit trees. It was here where the wealthy elite of Barcelona lived during the weekends or in the summer in their mansions and little palaces. Although Barcelona has swallowed this former oasis there are still some special places left. You only need to know how to find them, which is exactly what our guide will do when he leads you to these hidden spots. His stories will make that this lost paradise revives again.
  • The shadow of the wind. This bestseller of Carlos Ruiz Zafon is located in Barcelona of the years 1920 to 1955. If you are as impressed as we are by the book "The shadow of the wind" than it is a must to participate in this walking tour when visiting Barcelona.
  • The other side of  Park Güell. First we head for a historic hill from which you can experience the best view of Barcelona. Then we take a special route to the world famous Park Güell of Gaudi. We will end this tour in the Gracia area, where the real Barcelona spirit can be found. As we have designed this tour in our special way you can be sure that this really will be a unique experience.
  • Discover Gracia. What used to be a small village 100 years ago, is now a lively neighbourhood of Barcelona. The locals live together with students, expats, occupants and artists. In Gracia you will find original small shops, modernist buildings (including one of the early works of Gaudi), lively squares and authentic markets.
  • My own special way. Apart from the tours that we have developed we also listen carefully to our clients. That's why we change roles in this tour. Based on the preferences and spots that our client want to see we will design an exclusive, unique tour, especially for you.



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