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Thundering over the Carrer de Ferran

You may not know, but Barcelona has been an occupied city for a long time. The Visigoths, the Moors, the Franks and the French (Napoleon) dominated...Read More

New: by metro to Barcelona airport

Although we love walking and cycling, the way from and to Barcelona’s main airport El Prat is more recommendable by taxi or public transport. Train...Read More

Vía A, another Barcelona-idea of Ildefons Cerdà

At the beginning of the second half of the nineteenth century, Barcelona was expanding at incredible speed, until Ildefons Cerdà came up with

Our bicycle tours avoid the busy Gothic centre of Barcelona, that we recommend to explore walking. Instead we lead you along other interesting spots which reflect the real character of Barcelona. Starting at the famous Ramblas you will discover well-known and less known spots of Barcelona. You can be sure that you will have  unique experience!

Below you will find an overview of our bicycle tours. Please click the underlined title If you want more information about a specific tour:

  • Barcelona authentic. We start our tour in the old harbour and we will lead you along laid-back parks, buildings that characterize both the classic as the modern image of Barcelona. you will find the  praised and criticised Torre Agbar and the still unfinished temple Sagrada Familia on your path, together with the splendid Hospital Sant Pau. Furthermore we will lead you through the labyrinth of little streets and squares in the former village of Gracia, we will pass the first finished building of Gaudi before we return to our point of departure.
  • Tour de France Barcelona. Barcelona will be the destination of the sixth stage of this years' Tour de France cycling event. In our tour we will follow a significant part of this stage's itinerary, but we will also show you several other interesting parts of Barcelona. Of course we will head to Montjuich where the finish line of the sixth stage can be found and where you will enjoy magnificent views of Barcelona, its hills and the sea. We conclude our tour with a relaxing downhill ride to our meeting point.
  • Barcelona from above. We head to the hills of Barcelona, but don't fear, you don't have to climb the steep hills by bike. The subway takes us in approx. 30 minutes to the hills at a height of 350 metres. From here you will enjoy the magnificent views of Barcelona while cycling comfortably through the hills.

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